Solutions for Banks

Today, banks are equipped to provide services that are most efficient in supporting the liquidity of its corporate customers including the trade finance, cash management, and risk needs. The services comprise on-boarding, world-class payment across multiple channels and real-time information around cash. With new business products being launched every day, banks are also keen on channelizing their investments in technology to satisfy the needs of its perse range of clients through banking software solutions.

The software companies have several offerings for its corporate banking customers. It takes care of application development and maintenance, legacy modernization and re-engineering, data migration services, quality assurance and testing, integration services and product customization, its implementation as well as support and maintenance. The corporate banking applications are designed for various areas in a bank across multiple channels.

Diverse range of areas and products

The areas cover sales, CRM, account origination, agency services, core banking, cash management, credit checks and rating, securitization, product and pricing, collateral management, fraud and AML management. They also design applications for regulatory reporting, account servicing, loan processing, trade processing, FX booking and settlements, payment processing, reconciliation and syndication processing. They include products, such as leasing, project financing, corporate deposits, corporate loans, trade finance, fund transfer, and forex.

Core banking is the new language

Some IT firms specialize in few of the chosen core banking products. Core banking solutions allow the flexibility of making changes in the banking and lending products and launch new ones with ease. They also take care of the full integration of back, middle and front office processes. They effectively manage the customer relations through timely and accurate information.

Financial institutions often look for banking software solutions to set themselves apart from others as the client expectations are rising along with their demand for service excellence, ease of use and differentiating services and products. So, it becomes crucial to look for application components that offer service-oriented architecture and horizontal enterprise processes for a less risky approach and lower cost.

Advantages of core systems

Smart banking is backed by modern core processes to get more benefits and explore new possibilities. The idea behind this is to introduce systems which promote reuse of enterprise assets and reduce duplicity. The dashboards should appear up-to-date with information about the entire portfolio so that people can make better decisions and choose the best for themselves. Also, a flexible infrastructure offers improved customer service and better risk management.

The modern core banking application has a unified software platform for management of operations in a strategic manner. It breaks the wall between the bank and a customer and enables transparency of data. It also identifies fraudulent activities before happening by keeping track of the transactions taking place throughout multiple business lines. While this goes on, another staff sitting in the same bank can study analytics to know about customer preferences and behavior.

The changing demographics and lifestyle of consumers today have paved way to provide services to consumers on the go. They are constantly looking for solutions that help them take care of their daily tasks in the most time efficient and convenient ways. These changes have forced banks and financial institutions to sense the consumer market and demands and respond to innovation by designing solutions to meet these constantly evolving expectations and create a competitive advantage over others.

However, retails banks and financial institutions must be aware that one-size-fits-all approach in designing banking software solutions may not work as each segment of the customer is highly differentiated from the other. Thus an attempt must be made for understanding the needs of each customer segment to leverage resources and capabilities for implementing mobile-based banking fully. These segments differ in usage, awareness, demographics and features expected. A corporate consumer needs may differ extensively from a regular senior citizen’s banking needs. Features like mobile chat customer support may be desired by affluent internet users while cautious senior citizens may desire real-time account alerts. A major section of mobile banking users today fall in the age bracket of 25-35 years who have adopted both smartphones and tablets for performing their banking operations on a day to day basis.

Security has always been a topmost priority for both mobile technology service providers as well as customers. There is a constant threat of information hacking and identity theft, and thus due awareness and diligence should be employed while using mobile banking, including close monitoring of your bank accounts and backup plans in case of loss of device or theft. It can be easily concluded that mobile banking has enabled institutions to deliver better customer experience.

Custom Software Development Company

Choosing HQ Software, the Right Custom Software Developer

The competition among businesses is increasing every day. The primary aim of any business owner is to provide products and services to clients that make different types of software programs an important aspect to be successful. Almost every company today realizes the importance of such programs and is willing to pay the amount needed to streamline their operations and increase the efficiency. This increase in the demand has resulted in custom HQ software development becoming important as business owners now understand the limitations of the over-the-counter options that are available.
Choosing the right service provider
HQ Software – custom software development company solution providers are able to deliver unique and innovative software applications. Irrespective of the reasons that drive a company for customized applications, the HQ Software developer is able to provide a superior product that best matches the client requirements.HQ Software companies use professional developers to ensure their businesses function smoothly and enable these to achieve better outcomes. Software development company are reliable, experienced, and well-known developers and considers various factors before commencing the development process. These factors include the size of the business, the type of company, number of employees, products and services offered, target customers, and general business operations. This is the reason why HQ Software customized applications are different and unique as they cater to the demand of individual businesses.
The development process
HQ Software experts utilize different types of technologies, such as ruby programming to create the program. The entire process is time consuming and requires lot of effort, which makes using professional experts mandatory. Firstly as the professional developer will have several discussions with the company to understand the specific needs of their business.Hence use the web sites to understand about the company and gather as much information as possible to help them commence the development process. This is followed by the layout design, which is then offered to the client for consent. Having received consent on the layout design, the HQ Software professional expert will then begin creating the actual software program.
Benefits of customized software applications
HQ Software customized applications are simple and easy to use and read more in Forbes. Most often companies do not need to incur additional expenses and spend time on training the employees for using the program. The customization offers businesses to achieve the desired results, which is the primary reason for earning higher returns on their investments achievable. Because the software is developed keeping in mind the specific needs of every business, it translates into smoother and efficient functioning of the company.
This increases the revenues and profitable of the company. It creates a win-win opportunity for companies as well as the clients because they receive fast and simple solutions through HQ Software customized programs. Another advantage of customized HQ software applications is the easy with which complex business issues can be sorted out. Such customized solutions do not need the higher number of people that are otherwise needed if the company uses standardized software applications. Another major benefit of HQ customized solutions is the efficiency because companies are able to achieve much more in lesser time, which increases the revenues and profits for the business owners.

Smart Home System

Smart Home Applications

An ideal home is one that is capable of standing up to unforeseen events in the future as well as keeping its occupants comfortable and well tended to into old age. For instance, keeping the levels of lighting and temperature often tend to keep the people therein very comfortable in the sense that they will never have to strain to read or do chores around the house. Additionally, keeping the levels of energy in the home well regulated by turning off lights and other appliances automatically whenever they are not in use saves costs and energy.

With a smart home , you are in a position to get yourself into the most comfortable habitation ever engineered. This comes with devices and sensors that keep a tab on things all around the home. The system is also able to be fine tuned and edited down to your tastes and personal preferences to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Smart home applications ensure that levels of humidity never get to very extreme levels thus assuring relaxed breathing all round the clock even when the people are still asleep.

Thanks to the power and innovations that have been brought about by advances in technology, smart home applications automate a significant portion of the home running activities and keeps everything else within safe parameters. Whenever you are not around the home, the appliances that had been earlier on left running are switched off or turned to low power mode to enable you to save costs on energy.

Qulix Systems has the relevant experience and all the equipment and appliances that could be needed to give your home a huge transformation. No matter what kind of devices you have and the type of home you have, there will be a fix for every corner of the house to keep it within ideal operational conditions. We have worked with homes for the past couple of years, and so far, we have made it possible for people to enjoy living in comfortable homes that are not a nuisance to operate.

The systems can either be isolated or networked in which case; the setup will give you the ability to monitor your home from far off whenever you travel. In this case, you will rarely have to worry about the safety and condition of your house even when you are not in the vicinity. This is ideal for all homeowners that want to make improvements and upgrades to their places of stay.

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